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The Vaari Service Edition is available for $625 + fees and shipping.

Now Available: The Vaari Service Edition.

Available for Military, LEO, and all First Responders.

Proof of Service Required to Purchase.

Two of the Sixteen original Limited Edition Vaari's were purchased for the sole purpose of operational deployment, one in a Police SWAT Unit, the other in an Military Infantry Role.

This was warmly received news at the SoMiCo office as we had always wanted the Vaari blade to not only be seen as exquisitely beautiful work, but as an incredibly effective and formidable tool, not only for defensive purposes, but as an all round edged tool suitable for a variety of uses.

As word of the Vaaris design spread, we at SoMiCo knives were contacted by the Infamous Voodoo Doc (Real name withheld for security purposes) and asked to a supply him with a Vaari blade, with some slightly minor, but important enhancements in the design.

We were honored to do so, and delighted with the feedback we quickly received from the blades performance in operational use. Doc asked if we would consider making more of these blades available.

Hence the Vaari Service Edition was born.

As a way of thanking all emergency service personnel and military, serving or veteran, we are now making the Vaari Service Edition more widely available (NB: Proof of service will be required on ordering)

In these times of increasing vilification, violence and proximity of attacks occurring on first responders, service personnel and emergency workers in general, we understand and sympathize with the need for individuals to be able to purchase tools they can intrinsically and confidently trust to keep them safe.

The Vaari Service Edition is such a tool. While remaining completely true to it's original design (for specs please see Design Philosophy section), these features have been enhanced:

Blade Profile: The back edge of the blade is now sharpened, in Docs words "to enhance the ergonomics of the 'rip out' after stabbing, because anatomically your forearm is weak in that arc of moving the blade so having it sharp there serves as equalizer in allowing it to cut against resisting force" The grind on the main edge now stops short before the hand guard allowing fingers to be placed in front of the hand guard when needed and also to ensure the hand guard does not get stuck in the thoracic cavity through the ribs of a human, when searching for the fatal stab needed.

Hand Scales: Needed to be of maximum grip integrity available', so a Japanese wrap with epoxy coating was the perfect choice to ensure additional grip, in all conditions, minimal and easy cleaning and low profiling to ensure nothing can snag or foul on other equipment carried.

Sheath: We respect, in the line of duty, you will have very specific requirements on where and how you carry your Vaari blade. We do not believe one 'standard' sheath solution could fit all requirements, so the Vaari Service Edition is sold without a sheath. A standard kydex sheath can be purchased separately, or we can provide custom consultation and build of a sheath to your specifications to ensure your Vaari blade is secured but accessible, in the way that you, individually, will need it. Please just contact us for further details...

Even with these enhancements we have managed to achieve production of these edged tools at no additional cost than the original model. Please remember each and every blade is hand made and comes with a lifetime warranty.