To celebrate the release of Barry Eisler's new book, 'The Killer Collective' we are pleased to announce the release of the Livia Lone Edition Vaari Blade.

Barry purchased one of the original 16, numbered, versions of the original series, and subsequently wrote Maija Soderholm into the first Livia Lone book as Livia's knife teacher, and had The Vaari become her knife of choice.

This Vaari will be exactly as Livia herself carries, all hand made, with the same finish (as shown above) with the waxed reindeer skin wrap handle.

Technical Specification

Livia Lone Edition Vaari: $625 + fees and shipping.

Kydex or Leather Sheath: Additional $95

The Livia Lone Vaari is 13.25" (~34cm) long overall with an 8" (~20cm) blade. Blanks are precision cut from .24" (~6mm) thick A2 tool steel using computer controlled abrasive waterjet to ensure maximum consistency. Heat treatment is done carefully in small batches using oil quenching and cryogenic treatment to squeeze every last bit of performance out of the steel. Blades are then tempered to an approximate hardness of 58-60 HRC for good edge retention and easy sharpening in the field.
Each blade is hand ground and finished with a sabre-style main bevel, a fully tapered tang for perfect balance in the hand, and a subtle swedge that brings the blade to a needle-fine point without sacrificing the strength of a thick spine.
Aggressive jimping allows for a secure thumb supported grip. Three holes are drilled in the pommel to accommodate lanyards and further refine the blade's balance. The handle is a Japanese style handle wrap of waxed reindeer leather.

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