After designing the Vaari, our old school, frontiersman's knife, Maija's next project turned to something altogether faster and lighter.

The Moikka is flat ground, much like a kitchen knife, with a contoured, walnut handle. It is balanced beautifully, just forward of the handle itself. It has a slim profile, and  fits in the hand in many different grip positions. It is a comfortable, convenient, fixed blade, daily carry, suitable for the home, at work, or in the woods.

Just for fun, and as an homage to Maestro Sonny Umpad, we include 2 'Ranger Bands' with every blade.

Sonny would add grip and improve indexing, by adding tape, cord, or elasticated bands, to his handles.

Ranger bands are  stronger and can be used for multiple applications, including as fire starters. It is up to you how you wish to use them.

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(A visual comparison of the Moikka and the Vaari can be found on the Design Philosophy page.)

The Moikka

Technical Specifications

Price: $430 + Fees and Shipping

Leather Sheath: Additional $70.

Custom sheaths available by request.

The Moikka is approximately 10.25" overall with a 5.5" blade
The blade is AEB-L high carbon stainless steel (often used in razor blades and high end culinary knives) and measures 1.45" at its widest and .125" at its thickest with a blended convex grind. It has a
copper bolster, and the handle is birch with a scorched finish, two piece construction,  with a copper lined lanyard hole.
The tang extends 3.5" below the bolster (nominally a "3/4 length tang") and is bedded in epoxy and pinned with a visible brass or copper pin.
The weight is approximately 5.25 oz, but may vary slightly as they're handmade.