To celebrate the release of Barry Eisler's new book, 'The Killer Collective' we are pleased to announce the release of the Livia Lone Edition Vaari Blade.

Barry purchased one of the original 16, numbered, versions of the original series, and subsequently wrote Maija Soderholm into the first Livia Lone book as Livia's knife teacher, and had The Vaari become her knife of choice.

This Vaari will be exactly as Livia herself carries, all hand made, with the same finish (as shown above) with the waxed reindeer skin wrap handle.

A down payment of $225 will get your knife started, with the whole balance due before shipping.

Please send us an email to to order, and for more details of payment options etc.

Livia Lone Edition Vaari: $625 + fees and shipping.

Kydex Sheath: Additional $50

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